Deming Youth Soccer League

Posted Jan 23, 2019

GENERAL INFORMATION (please read the following information)

After reading general information, you can register by selecting spring recreational player. If you have an acct. you may log in; if you do not have an acct. you will need to create a new acct., to get started you may need to select other acct. - follow prompts 

The following is a general guideline: 

1st page: General information pertaining to parent / guardian

RETURNING PLAYER / NEW PLAYER: if your child played in the Fall (August 2018 - November 2018) your child is a returning player -- plz mark returning player. As a returning player from Fall 2018, your child's age was verified at that time. However, you may need to update verification (birth certificate). Sorry for any inconvienence this may cause. If your child did not play in Fall 2018, (doesn't matter if your child played for DYSL before-previous year) your child is considered a new player and you will need to upload a birth certificate -- thank you.       

FEES: New Player = $60. /  Returning player = $40.

U10 IS CLOSED: if your child is within this age group, your child is in U11. plz select U11

 2nd page: Insurance information (required fields have to be answered).AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE YOU CAN MARK EITHER TRASHPICKUP OR Medicaid disc. or neither. (plz see below for more information) 

3rd page: Birth certificate goes here if you are new. if there is a shield in a box you do not need to upload a B.C.(plz read directions on this page) .

4th page: 2 waivers: You will need to read information regarding injuries and concussions (2 different pages) check box for each waiver.  

5th page: Continue with registration -- when you're ready to pay, you need to enter the discount code for TRASHPICKUP or Medicaid (if you want the discount) and $20 will be discounted at that time, same for returning player-at that time the base fee of $60. will be adjusted to $40.  if you want to pay the balance at a later date plz SELECT PAY OFFLINE CHECK/CASH. you will be able to finish registration and have a balance; you will receive information about mailing a check to DYSL . we need all balances paid in full by February 19th unless other arrangement have been made with DYSL (furlong members), any questions you can call 866-726-4131, (Stacksports) 7am to 8pm central time, and a representative will help you. We also have a Facebook page - Deming Youth Soccer League - plz join to get updated information regarding our league/season. To be approved you need to answer the 3 basic questions. 


When completing your spring registration, you will have the option of selecting a discount (one only) either a trash pick up discount or a medicaid discount. Within your family, each child is eligible for either the trash pickup discount or the medicaid discount (of course must have medicaid). Only 75 slots for the trash pickup and only 50 for the medicaid discount.

 Must type in the discount code exactly as listed below.

Discount codes:

TRASHPICKUP (ALL CAPS, NO SPACE, 20.00 DISCOUNT) (possible trash pickup
dates: 2/16/19 OR 2/23/19)
Disclaimer: (Please take note that only the first 75 players who will use the coupon will be eligible for the $20.00 discount)

Medicaid (first letter capitalized, then lower case -- medicaid paper work
can be fill out later)

Disclaimer: (Please take note that only the first 50 players who will use the coupon will be eligible for the $20.00 discount)

Guide: Please type in the coupon code in the Payment Summary page

Spring Registration
    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.